The Great Bardfield CIP (as it has become known) is located in a prominent position between the Town Hall and the Bell Public House and was launched in 2002, to coincide with the Jubilee celebrations and the annual Arts & Crafts weekend of that year. The facility was enabled with a large initial grant from Essex County Council to refurbish and equip the old library rooms, which the Parish Council was able to rent from the Town Hall Management Committee, and provide financial support to this village amenity since that time

The aim of the CIP is to provide access to information that would normally be difficult to access without travelling to Braintree or Chelmsford. Even though the use of the internet has made far more data available without moving from your computer but the CIP allows you to browse through a variety of publications and make enquiries of the person running the office. Internet access is also available for those who do not have regular access.

There is always a wealth of Works and Pensions literature, college prospectus, and travel timetable. New information is continually arriving so it is well worth a visit on a regular basis. In addition, of course it is where you can pick up copies of the Village Design Statement, the Footpath Map and recycling and dog bags. Copies of Historical Society publications, various other Bardfield related items, including the annual Calendar and Cards, are on sale.

The office is open Thursday and Saturday 10.00am to 11.00am.