The Council - What we do

Great Bardfield Parish Council represents the interests of the people living in and around the Village of Great Bardfield. Use the navigation buttons on the left to find out who we are, what we do and when and where we do it.

Everyone is welcome to come to the Parish Meetings to hear what we are doing. Once the meeting has started, you cannot take part except by invitation of the Chair, but we do have a 15 minute question time at the start of each meeting. Here you can ask questions or make statements about matters that interest you. You don't have to give us advance notice about what you want to ask, but if you want facts and figures, it will save everyone's time if we can do a bit of research first.


Finance & General Purposes: Cllrs Dyson, Ruffle & Kennedy
Planning: Cllrs Ruffle, Slemmings & Graham
Human Resources: Cllrs Dyson, Ruffle, Kennedy & Walsh
Playingfields: Cllrs Slemmings, Hockley & Walsh
Environment: Cllrs Walsh, Hockley Kennedy & Graham
Town Hall Rep: Cllrs Ruffle, Slemmings
BALC Rep: Cllr Dyson
Charities: Mrs. P.Coles (lay)
Housing Assn.: Cllrs Walsh, Slemmings
Parish Paths Partnership: Cllrs Kennedy & Graham
Braintree Traffic Management Liaison Meeting: Availability/Clerk
Braintree Transport Partnership Board: Availability/Clerk
Health Authority Meetings: Availability/Clerk
ECC Passenger Transport Rep. Meeting: Clerk
Flooding/Emergency Plan: Cllrs Walsh &Hockley
School Governors: Cllr Dyson