Bardfield Charities


The first of the Great Bardfield Charities was established over 100 years ago when a philanthropic resident bequeathed funds in his will for the benefit of other residents. Since that time many other residents have left money in their wills to the Charity for the benefit of others. The Great Bardfield Charities today comprises of a number of different charities grouped together. Some benefactors were precise in stating to whom, or for what purpose their bequest can be used. Others left money more generally. However, in general the Great Bardfield Charities are able to assist with social, educational, health and welfare needs of residents of Great Bardfield. The Charity operates under a ‘Scheme’ which clearly defines the purpose and objective of the Charity.


The Charity is overseen by the Charity Commissioners who ensure that the ‘Scheme’ is adhered to and invest the funds on our behalf. The Trustees cannot touch the capital investment but are able to use the interest received by giving grants to individuals and to clubs, societies and other groups for the benefit of the residents of Great Bardfield.


Examples of grants made include:


  • youth projects

  • assistance for the elderly with fuel costs

  • travel costs for hospital appointments

  • books for university study

  • baby and toddler groups

  • educational projects/equipment


  • sporting clubs

  • provision of medical equipment

  • other clubs, societies and groups

  • retraining

  • cost of school uniforms

  • religious groups


If you wish to make an application to the Great Bardfield Charities, either on your own behalf or on behalf of a local group or organisation, please write to one of the Trustees listed below. If you know of anyone else in the Village who could benefit from the Charity’s assistance, please encourage them to apply. It is helpful if you provide as much information as possible, including quotes/costings, so that the Trustees can fully consider your application. The Trustees meet four times a year to consider applications. However in extraordinary circumstances the Trustees will consider applications between meetings. If you wish to speak to someone to discuss making an application please feel free to contact one of the Trustees. Please note that all applications are strictly confidential.


There are five Trustees:

Pat Coles (Chair) Dell Cottage, Dunmow Road, Great Bardfield 01371 810780

Brenda Poston (Secretary) Bucks House, Vine Street, Great Bardfield 01371 810519

Tony Hayward (Treasurer) Littles Farm, Beslyns Road, Great Bardfield 01371 810320

Debbie Rogers Dixons, Beslyns Road, Bridge End, Great Bardfield 01371 811083

Alan Bray Claypits Farm, Wethersfield Lane, Great Bardfield 01371 810489