An update from Dan Gascoyne, Chief Executive of BDC - 29th March 2023

I wanted to update you on our latest public statement regarding the potential plans by the Home Office to secure accommodation for Asylum Seekers at Wethersfield Airfield.

We will be updating our website with the following statement here: or please see below.

We have now applied to the High Court for an interim injunction. This injunction challenges the Home Office proposals to place asylum seekers at Wethersfield Airfield. We would expect such an application would be heard within 7 days, and we expect the matter to be heard by the High Court before any asylum seekers are occupied on site. We will provide further updates as we know more.

This will be issued on our social media channels. We hope this will prove useful in responding to any enquiries you may receive.

We will keep you updated as and when we update our statement in line with any further information we receive.

Kind regards,

Dan Gascoyne

Chief Executive

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